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The Parish Council met eleven times during the year and benefited at most meetings from the presence of our District Councillor. An occasional report has been received from the Local Constabulary but it would seem that attendance at Parish Meetings will no longer be on the Police agenda. Moreover “surgeries” within the Parish have been discontinued. We very much regret this lack of regular contact.


The refurbishment of the Reading Room in East Runton was completed, and it now represents a real asset in that village. It provides a proper office for Parish business as well as a furnished room suitable for small local gatherings and Clubs. The Runton Parish History Society is based there together with a display of some of the many photographs and items of interest it cares for.

The newly decorated and re-roofed building was formally reopened by Bishop David Leake.,


The programme to replace street lights with more modern energy saving units was started and will run for several years. The oldest and most inefficient lights are being given priority.

Toilet facilities at the Beach in West Runton remain both inadequate and inappropriate; if the District Council’s bid to have the beach declared a Blue Flag zone is to succeed, they will have to be renewed. One proposal being considered it the complete replacement of the building by a new one, associated with an interpretation centre, as part of the Deep History Project. The Parish Council remains concerned that if neither of the District Council’s projects come to an early fruition the original problem remains extant.


The state of the roads and pavements in both villages has been the subject of frequent communication with the Highways Authority. Regrettably the response is generally too little and too late. However, the jointly funded project to provide a footpath along the common in East Runton has proved to be a real success.

Runton Parish also contributed to the costs of the new roundabout being constructed at the junction of Felbrigg and Cromer Roads. This will especially benefit villagers turning right on return from the Norwich direction.

Work associated with the construction of the Cromer Crematorium revealed that the storm water holding tanks at the top of Davey Hill were totally blocked. They have now been cleaned out and it is anticipated that the problems of flooding via the road will be alleviated.


Several Parish Councillors represent us on other bodies: The Village Hall Committee, The Ploughlet Charity, The Runton Parish History Society, The Safer Neighbourhood Action Panel, and other organisations that meet on an ad hoc basis. Their contribution is considerable, usually unseen, and invaluable.


As always, the maintenance of the Commons represents the largest ongoing expense of the Parish, we are indebted to the many volunteers who continue to undertake work to supplement the actions of our contractors. The amenity of this tourist area is much enhanced by their efforts on the commons and elsewhere. The contribution made by individuals to village life, ranging from litter picking, to raising money for the air ambulance is very much valued and appreciated.


Whilst it is apparent that some of the village ponds and the areas around them are need of attention, the costs of what would once have been simple activities (for example dredging), have become prohibitive and require licences. There appears little prospect of major improvement unless grant aid can be obtained.

We continued to support other contributors to our villages notably the Parochial Church Council, and the Royal British Legion.


The condition of many of the allotments continues to be of concern. Despite clear tenancy agreements, too many holders choose to disregard the real reasons behind their existence. The Allotments Committee has continued to monitor the situation .


Finally, I would like to thank all our Councillors for their help during the last year, and most especially Barbara, our Clerk, for her sterling work and encouragement.




2015-16 2016-17   2016-17 2015-16






£3418.90 362.25 Commons Works 11926.50 £7795.00
    Lighting, Power / Maintenance 4248.35 £2786.36
    Footpaths 730.00 £480.00
£1867.50. 1875.00 Allotments 788.29 £3089.46
    Subscriptions 434.04 £131.00
    Salaries / PAYE / NIC 11461.58 £11023.44
£606.00 1027.00 Grants/Section137 50.00 £550.00
    Insurance 924.58 £932.81
3000 3000.00 Mast Site  -  Playing Field costs 2465.33 £2347.94
    General Purpose Fund 6323.61 £4883.09
3032.08 14002.39 VAT 13988.42 £3042.20
£24000.00 24000.00 Caravan Site/02 Airwave Rent.    
£10500.00 11317.06 Precept    
    Reading Room Project 56554.39 £4098.52
£100.00 100.00 Wayleave Car Park   £1150.00
  39975.00 Loans 2211.04 £0.00
    Election   £1231.15
 £46524.48 95658.70 Totals 112106.13 £43540.97
£46524.48 95658.70 Totals for comparison 112106.13 £43540.97

Notes: Grants income includes precept grant from NNDC granted in order to keep the precept lower. There is no guarantee for this grant in future.
Reading Room maintenance costs inflate the figures.  The refurbishment is now complete


Parish Clerk: Barbara Emery.
The Reading Room, Felbrigg Rd, East Runton, Cromer NR27 9PE
Telephone 01263 512214
Office open Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 10am-1pm and 2pm-4pm
Email: runtonpc@aol.com Website: www.runtoneastandwest.co.uk


Mr. J. Simpson (Chairman)
Mr. M. Brandish (Vice Chairman)
Mr. R. Annis
Mr. J. Creasey
Mr. D. Bakewell
Mr. B. Bedwell


Mr. K. Jonas.
Mr. S. Bacon.
Mr. B. Cushion co-opted May 2017.
Mrs. J. Hodson.
Mr. R. Spinks.
Mr. C. Hawkins
Councillors may be contacted through the Clerk at the office number or email above.