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The Parish Council met eleven times * during the year and benefited at most meetings from the presence of our District Councillor who is also our County Councillor. An occasional report has been received from the Local Constabulary, but it is now a generalised commentary of little relevance. Indeed, the information that was once readily provided to Parish Councils be it from the Police or the Local Authority is now difficult to obtain or encounters bureaucratic obfuscation that does nothing to encourage participation.

All too often technology is employed that engenders a notional response but results in no action. Reasons for this are often understandable, (generally lack of funds), but the original problems, be they potholes in the roads, speeding in the villages, overgrown footpaths or planning queries remain.

The award of Blue Flag status to both of our beaches was very welcome as was the initial refurbishment of the toilet block at West Runton. After the presentation at the last Annual Parish Meeting by Robert Young of the North Norfolk District Council , about “The Living Landscape Museum” it had been hoped that a new facility incorporating an interpretation centre on the site of the old shelter would have been started; but issues of ownership and access have delayed the project.

The standard of work associated with the maintenance of the commons fell far below that which was specified or expected. The contract has not been renewed and a new company engaged for the coming season. Although the commons in both villages are not owned by the Parish Council an agreement was reached, some years ago, whereby they are maintained, in terms of grass cutting, by the Council; but the obligations of ownership, for example drainage, remain with the Lord of the Manor.

Although the condition of some allotments improved many remained poorly cultivated and overgrown. The Council is concerned that the poor husbandry of a few jeopardises efforts of the many. In this connection it was decided to dispose of an area of land near Moyes Close that had not been properly used for many years; after receiving advice that it was not suitable for a Community Housing Scheme, it was advertised and sold by auction and achieved a very advantageous price.

The Reading Room aka Parish Office has proved to be a popular meeting place as well as a focus for the Parish History Society. It now acts as the venue for most Parish Council meetings in East Runton.

A successful bid for Parish Partnership funding will enable the installation of further electronic speed warning signs. These will be installed at suitable locations and will be periodically moved from site to site. Experience elsewhere suggests that such signs are much more effective in reducing traffic speed than static ones.

Several Parish Councillors act as representatives on other bodies: The Village Hall Committee, The Ploughlet Charity, The Runton Parish History Society, The Safer Neighbourhood Action Panel, The Playing Field Committee, The Allotments Advisory Group, The Planning Advisory Group, The Commons Working Party, and organisations such as the Coast Watch Forum. Their contribution is considerable and, in some cases, maintains the viability of the body.

As always, we are grateful to those villagers and volunteers who do so much, with activities ranging from litter picking, beach cleaning, pond clearing ,bus shelter cleaning, organising clubs and social activities, all of which contribute to making the Runtons a special place to live, to work, and to visit.

The first of the modernised street lights are now operational and further ones will be altered in the coming months as part of a programme of renewal.

Litter of varying types remains a growing problem. Extra bins for both general and dog waste have been purchased by the Parish that also pays for them to be emptied. The Council is very conscious that this is a tourist area that needs to be kept attractive.

Finally I would like to thank all of the Councillors for their help throughout the past year; but especially Barbara, our Parish Clerk for her unceasing efforts on our behalf.

* Attendance at Meetings:
R. Annis (6), S Bacon (6), D Bakewell (10), B Bedwell (9), M Brandish (7), J Creasey (11), B Cushion (10), C Hawkins (10), J Hodson (10), K Jonas (7)
J Simpson (11), R Spinks (10).

Annual Accounts

Parish Clerk: Barbara Emery. 
The Reading Room, Felbrigg Rd, East Runton,
Cromer NR27 9PE
Telephone 01263 512214 - 07422 665978
Office open Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 10am-4pm

Email: runtonpc@aol.com 

Website: www.runtoneastandwest.co.uk

Councillors may be contacted through the Clerk
Mr. John Simpson. CHAIRMAN 
Mr. B. Bedwell Vice-Chairman
Mr. Annis.
Mr. J. Creasey.
Mr. D. Bakewell.
Mr. M. Brandish.
Mr. K. Jonas.
Mr. S. Bacon.
Mr. B. Cushion
Mrs. J. Hodson.
Mr. R. Spinks.
Mr. C. Hawkins