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June Newsletter No. 26




Parish Councillor details are as follows.
West Runton Ward:
Chairman Mr. John Simpson. Wood Rising Sandy Lane West Runton
Vice Chairman: Mr. M. Brandish Calveswell Barn Calveswell Lane
West Runton Councillors
Mr. Richard. Annis Dawley Cottage Boulevard Road West Runton.
Mr. John Creasey Bransbury Rosebery Road West Runton.
Mr. David. Bakewell Woodlands Renwick Park West Runton.
Mr. Bruce Bedwell The Dreys Longacre, West Runton.
East Runton Ward:
Mrs. Jane Hodson Fernie House High Street East Runton.
Mr. Ray Spinks Norfolk Cottage, Felbrigg Road East Runton.
Mr. Steve Bacon Albert House High Street East Runton.
Mr. Kevin Jonas Tiddlers Cottage Mill Lane East Runton.
Mr. Chris Hawkins Shoemakers Cottage High St. East Runton.
Mr. Brian Cushion Meadowsett, Top Common East Runton
Runton Parish Council is pleased to welcome a new member;
Mr. Brian Cushion - Details above.

Councillors may be contacted through the office.
The Parish Council website has links to the District Council and County Council
The local North Norfolk District Councillor is Mrs. S. Butikofer.
The Norfolk County Councillor is Mr. Mike Baker (Holt Division)
POLICE: Non emergency police number— 101 This is a free service.
The Clerk to the Council is: Mrs. Barbara Emery.
The Office is at: The Reading Room, Felbrigg Road, East Runton
Cromer NR27 9PE. Tel: 01263 512214. Email: runtonpc@aol.com

PARISH COUNCIL OFFICE open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
10.30am to 3.30pm with a lunch break from 1pm—2pm. The Clerk will normally be there to answer questions or help in any way connected with Parish business.


FUTURE PARISH COUNCIL MEETINGS: All held on Tuesdays at 7.15pm
Next meeting: 27 June at W. Runton Church Hall. Future meetings: 25 July
atThe Reading Room E. Runton, 26 Sept, W. Runton Church Hall. 


HISTORY NEWS RUNTON compiled by B. Emery.

Roman Camp / Beacon Hill submitted by Brian Cushion.
For many years the term Roman Camp has been used for the area which includes the highest point in Norfolk at 338 ft or 103 metres above sea level. As many will know, it is now generally accepted that this is misnamed, as although superficially similar to a small Roman fort, a small banked enclosure at the site and its vicinity has revealed no convincing artefacts to confirm this.


The earliest published map in 1797 describes it as “Old Beacon or Watch Tower, in 1826 it was described as a Telegraph Station, and the earliest Ordnance Survey maps show it as Beacon Hill. The earliest confirmed function was as a Naval telegraph station, one of a series around the coast used as alarm posts from the late 18th century, particularly during the Napoleonic Wars. They consisted of semaphore shutters and a telescope. However it is now thought that it started life as a beacon site in the medieval period, a few hundred years earlier.

However, Beacon Hill also has an even older archaeological site, marked on Ordnance Survey maps as “Iron Workings”. These consist of a series of irregular but sometimes near-circular shallow depressions or pits, with slight mounds nearby. They are close to the ridge top, extending slightly down slope. Several other similar sites exist on the Cromer Ridge between Weybourne and Felbrigg.

Various excavations in the mid 19th and mid 20th centuries have interpreted these as Late-Saxon or Early Medieval iron working sites, using nodules of iron formed as ice sheets pushed the material forming the ridge. Iron slag, being waste from the smelting, is often found nearby and pottery fragments have indicated the likely dates.

Iron slag can be seen incorporated into the viewing pillar on Beeston Regis Heath just east of Britons Lane, adjacent to one of the other sites. ____________________________________________________________
Two successful coffee mornings have been held at The Reading Room East Runton by the History Society. The money raised has gone towards providing blue plaques to commemorate three places of interest in the Parish. One will be at Cumberland Cottage at West Runton where Edith Cavell stayed for her holidays, another at Hall Cottage East Runton which was the first Montessori school in England and the third will be on the Reading Room wall at East Runton the building which was given to the Parish by Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton - Baronet. The next coffee morning will be advertised when a date has been fixed.
It is hoped that a calendar for 2018 will be available by the start of the summer holidays. They have proved popular in the past.


At the Annual meeting of the Parish, there was a presentation and update on the “Deep History Coast” project. Two million pounds had been bid for but unfortunately the bid was not successful. The areas of interest are West runton to promote the mammoth and archaeological finds and Cart Gap at Happisburgh, promoting the find of the ancient human footprints. The project the “Living Landscape Museum” is going ahead despite the loss of the funds. It is to be internally funded by the District Council. It will entail replacement of the toilets and creating a small exhibition of the Mammoth on the site of the shelter at West Runton. In the meantime the West Runton toilets are to be refurbished and an external shower provided.


The holding storm water holding tanks in Davy Hill East Runton have all been cleared out to hopefully alleviate the flooding into the village. This work had not been done for around ten years and was badly needed.


The roundabout at the junction of the A148 and Felbrigg Road is complete. Runton Parish Council had contributed £500.00 towards it’s construction. This is intended to help traffic negotiate entry/exit onto the A148 because of increased usage due the the new crematorium.


The surface of the above is a cause for concern to the Parish Council. Some patching had been carried out but not enough and caravans were still travelling up and down this road despite the unsuitability of the approach to the caravan site.


This continues to be a problem especially at the car park on the cliff top at West Runton. However measures are now in place for offenders to be prosecuted. There have already been some prosecutions and the cctv arranged by the owners is being monitored and any offenders will be reported and taken to task. This will hopefully ensure that people will now pick up after their pets. Consequences of not doing so can result in embarrassing situations for them. So please be aware if you have a dog, then pick up after it. We need to keep our public areas clean.


It appears that someone has been dumping hedge trimmings etc; on Station Common at West Runton. It is hoped that this will not continue. It is classed as fly tipping. Brown garden bins are available from North Norfolk District Council.


Monitoring of allotment land is continuing and all sites will be inspected soon. There is now not a competition as there was a lack of interest in it. Most plot holders just enjoy their fruit and vegetables. We do have quite a long waiting list for all areas, so plots which are not being used for what they were intended will be looked at and their future discussed.


People are concerned that the commons are not being cut as they should. The contractors at East Runton have been cutting some parts and other parts at another time. They have been asked to do the work all in one go. By the time this newsletter goes out, the main common at West Runton should have been done. The “amenity part” in front of the ditch is cut three times a season. The area behind the ditch is managed under a Stewardship agreement set up by the Hawk and Owl Trust and English Nature.


Please come along and support your local activities
If anyone would like their event advertised here please contact the Clerk see below.


The above this year will take place on Sunday 2nd July. Some gardens provide refreshments and most are dog friendly. The day continues to support the East Anglian Air Ambulance and last year raised over £2000.


Please support this worthwhile event. Tickets will be available on the Hurn near the crossroads West Runton on the day from 10am.

CPRE—Norfolk Summer Fair is held at Wolterton Hall NR11 7LY on Sunday 20th August free to card carrying CPRE holders or £2.50 on the door. Various stalls and activities in beautiful grounds.


“Hello everyone, I’m president of the Runtons & District W.I. We meet every month on the 2nd Wednesday at 2.15 in the Church Hall Station Rd., West Runton. We have interesting speakers and other activities and also attend other W.I.’s events. Come and meet us; you can attend three meetings before you decide to join.


Looking forward to seeing you”. Tel: Sandra on 01263 837117.



Saturday 17th June at 7.30pm

PLEASE NOTE: Holy Trinity Church West Runton now has toilet facilities. They are not a public convenience but will be open during services and events at the Church.


CROMER LIBRARY www.norfolk.gov.uk/libraries 01263 512850 Open Mon to Sat.
East Runton: 14:20—14:30 HALF YEAR CLOSE
14:35—14:50 BUXTON CLOSE
14:55—15.10 ST ANDREWS

West Runton: 12.45—13.00 RENWICK PARK
15.15—15:25 GOLF CLOSE
15:30—15:50 CHURCH CLOSE
15:55—16.10 CHURCH HALL

Next visits: 22 Jun, 20 Jul, 17 Aug, 14 Sept. All are subject to alteration by NCC
The above information is subject to change by the Norfolk County Council library service

FISH AND CHIP VAN calls at The Hurn West Runton Weds 5.15pm.Fridays 11.30-12.45 and at East Runton Half Year Close Wednesday 5:30pm, Buxton Close 6pm

The Clerk would be pleased to receive information for the next publication.
Any forthcoming events or any reports of organisations. By the 20th August please. Your comments on this publication would be welcomed. All information to the Clerk-Contact details are on page one. Follow us on Twitter @runtonparish
 Views expressed are not necessarily the views of the editor or the Parish Council members.

Produced by Barbara Emery (Clerk)
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