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Date: September 2021 Issue 38 Published Quarterly

PARISH COUNCIL INFORMATION—Councillor details are as follows.
West Runton Ward:

West Runton Ward:
Chairman Mr. John Simpson. Wood Rising Sandy Lane West Runton
Mr. Bruce Bedwell The Dreys Longacre, West Runton.
Mr. Richard. Annis Dawley Cottage Boulevard Road West Runton.
Mr. John Creasey Bransbury Rosebery Road West Runton.
Mr. David. Bakewell Woodlands Renwick Park West Runton.
Ms. Carole Davidson Widgeons Home Close West Runton
East Runton Ward:
Vice-Chairman Mr. Brian Cushion Meadowsett Top Common East Runton.
Mr. Phil Nichols Roundabouts House Greens Lane East Runton
Ms. T. Edwards 2, Victoria Terrace, High St. East Runton
Mr. Kevin Jonas Tiddlers Cottage Mill Lane East Runton.
Mr. Stephen Gurney The Paddock, East Runton
Mr. Gerry Baker 3, The Paddock East Runton
Councillors may be contacted through the office.
The Parish Council website has links to the District Council and County Council
The local North Norfolk District Councillor is Mrs. S. Butikofer.
The Norfolk County Councillor is Mr. E. Vardy.
POLICE: Non emergency police number— 101 This is a free service.
The Clerk to the Council is: Mrs. Barbara Emery.
The Office is at: The Reading Room, Felbrigg Road, East Runton
Cromer NR27 9PE. Tel: 01263 512214. or mobile 07422 665978
Email: runtonpc@aol.com

PARISH COUNCIL OFFICE open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
10.30am to 3.30pm with a lunch break from 1pm—2pm. The Clerk will
normally be there to answer questions or help in any way connected with
Parish business.
FUTURE PARISH COUNCIL MEETINGS: September 28th, WR Church Hall. October 26th, ER Village Hall. November 23rd. WR Church Hall.
December 14th ER Village Hall. 7:15 PM start. All are welcome.

HISTORY NEWS RUNTON compiled by B. Emery.

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Many schools produce a magazine where the pupils submit items detailing activities during the past year. One such publication came into the possession of Runton Parish History Society a few years ago. What makes this particular issue interesting is the fact that it was published in 1924 by the pupils of the school at East Runton; which closed 63 years ago The 100 page magazine, the Runtonian, was donated by John Barker, whose father the late Harry Barker from West Runton was a pupil at the school. The magazine begins with an introduction by Mr Barrington Boyce, the then headmaster, reviewing the past year. He noted that measles and influenza were rife. The magazine’s editorial offered good wishes to Harry Barker who had been absent for some weeks following an accident. Visitors to the school included Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton, whose family was responsible for building the school in the mid nineteenth century, remarking that the children seemed most happy, and the books were a model of neatness. One of the highlights of the year appeared to be listening in to a three valve radio set. One lad wrote about a typical day in his year, which included feeding his pigeons, visiting the beach to help with the crab boats, attending a local farm to get the horses some water and clean the harness. In the evening he would go with friends to bathe in the sea, but as he could not swim he would tie some corks onto a piece of cord to act as a buoyancy aid. To round off the day he would chop some wood and weed the flower garden. Gardening played a large part in school life as well, as the headmaster had laid out a garden on the area where the village hall is now, for the boys to learn gardening. The visit of the school dentist is vividly described by another pupil who described him arriving in a “pantechnicon”, which was the mobile surgery, drawn by a large horse.
There was also a supplement to the magazine which recounts in the pupils’ own words a three day trip by 20 pupils, accompanied by the headmaster and his wife, who travelled to London to visit the Great Empire Exhibition at Wembley 97 years ago. In the supplement the children, aged around 13 recalled their memories of the visit. Many of the contributors have names whose descendants are still living in the village, such as Abbs, Love, Leake and Jonas. To raise the money for the trip the proceeds of a jumble sale, auction, whist drive and dance provided the £30 needed to pay for the train fares and hostel accommodation. To the children it must have seemed like the adventure of a lifetime, as most of them would have never left Norfolk, let alone visited the capital city. One of them described waiting for the train at West Runton station saying as it at last came into view his “joy was unexplainable”. Further excitement came when they travelled in an underground train for the first time in their lives. There were some vivid descriptions of the items they saw. Phyllis Perfect for one, was very excited by the famous Queen’s Doll’s House.
After the excitement of the first day, there follows an essay by one child describing the dormitory in the hostel where the rules were “No one should go to the lavatory during the night, no one should speak after 10.30pm and they must get up before 6.30am.
Elsie Jonas wrote, “I think all who went to the exhibition were very lucky children and I am sure we are very grateful to Mr. and Mrs. Boyce and others who helped”.
The last page of the supplement is rather poignant, as it is an obituary to Cecil Balls, one of the party visiting the exhibition, who very sadly died shortly after arriving home, from an attack of measles.
Excerpts from the magazine have been published on this page in the past and will be again.
The magazine is on display at The Reading Room office.

Parish Council News

This is the first publication of this Newsletter since March, and it is hoped to resume
Normal quarterly editions in the future. Grateful thanks to all our distributors.

Meetings of the Parish Council have now resumed fully face to face. The only difference being that the East Runton meetings are being held in the Village Hall until further notice.
The Zoom meetings have proved quite successful in being able to have meetings open to the public with the links being widely displayed. The public and press are welcome at all the meetings with a section at the beginning where comments can be made. It is requested that anyone wishing to speak should contact the Clerk in the 24 hours preceding the meeting. This way if a particular item of concern comes up it give the Clerk a chance to find information appertaining to the request. Items cannot be placed on the agenda later than seven days before the meeting. Meetings by law cannot discuss any item not on the agenda and agendas have to be published allowing at least three clear days notice or the meeting is not legal.

The ditches on West Runton common and in the Hurn are clogged up. This has resulted in some areas being flooded and residents having had flooding in their gardens are increasingly worried that the situation will exacerbate with increased rainfall likely in the future. The Parish Council are committed to spending some money on getting clearance done to help alleviate the problems. Work had been started last autumn and will continue this coming autumn with The Hurn also being included.
East Runton commons are also being looked at with a view towards better management to improve wildflowers and wildlife. We are being told that we must do something regarding climate change. Many parishioners are interested in the commons and regularly contact the Parish Council about their concerns.

These are still very much in demand and most plots are in use and looked after very well. There are some that are untidy and these will be dealt with. The annual rents are due in
October and invoices will be sent out.

We are pleased that a new football team “Runton FC” are now using the field. They are in the North East Norfolk league. The Parish Council had spent a considerable amount of money clearing the field and erecting a new fence which it was hoped would help stop rabbits from damaging the pitch. Regular maintenance of the grounds are carried out by a contractor appointed by the Parish Council.

The Parish Council have been told by County Highways that a feasibility study is needed to help decide on any measures that could be put in place to alleviate the traffic problems especially at the Water Lane/A149 junction. The Parish Council will put up some of the cost of this as will Mr. Eric Vardy our representative at Norfolk County council. Highways have been asked to implement this. Residents will know that this has been looked at before and it is difficult to find a way to improve the situation. There is no pavement on one side which precludes a crossing. The Parish Council have put warning illuminated signage which
appear to help with speed, but there are always those who break the rules. Cars parked and buses stopping all add to the traffic especially in summer months. This year 2021 has been exceptional regarding traffic with most people taking a holiday in Britain instead of being able to travel abroad.

The Wyndham Caravan site had put in an application to regulate the site and bring it under one plan. This has now been withdrawn.
PF/21/1956 Replacement of garden room roof with extension and porch. Renwick Park
PF/21/1688 Installation of a 5m pole for CCTV at Land North of Gap Caravan Site East Runton.
PF/21/1735 Renwick House, conversion of attic and new window.
The Parish Council have not offered any planning objections to the above three proposals.
PF/21/0694 Amended proposal for nine holiday lodges for Links Hotel West Runton.
There was considerable objections to the above proposal from many sources. The Parish Council had objected citing the many planning policies it is in contravention of.

Cromer Library opening times:
Monday: 10am-6pm. Tuesday: 10am-2pm. Wednesday: Closed.
Thursday: 10am-2pm.
Friday: 10am-6pm Saturday 9am-1pm Sunday: Closed

The Mobile Library has limited areas but at the moment the following are in place.
There are no visits to nursing/care homes until further notice.
Visits are every four weeks on Thursdays. Next visits 7th October, 4th November,
2nd December. Covid prevention measures are in place. Sanitizers provided and numbers limited to three at a time or one family. Don’t forget your library card.

Village Arrival Departure Place
Easet Runton 14.30 14.45 Buxton Close
East Runton 14.50 15.05 St Andrews
West Runton 14.10 14.25 Renwick Park
West Runton 15.10 15.20 Golf Close
West Runton 15.25 15.45 Church Close
West Runton 15.50 16.05 Station Close


roduced by Barbara Emery (Clerk)
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