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Date: March 2017 Issue 25 Published Quarterly


Councillor details are as follows.

West Runton Ward:
Chairman Mr. John Simpson. Wood Rising Sandy Lane West Runton
Vice Chairman: Mr. M. Brandish Calveswell Barn Calveswell Lane West Runton
Mr. Richard. Annis Dawley Cottage Boulevard Road West Runton.
Mr. John Creasey Bransbury Rosebery Road West Runton.
Mr. David. Bakewell Woodlands Renwick Park West Runton.
Mr. Bruce Bedwell The Dreys Longacre, West Runton.
East Runton Ward:
Mrs. Jane Bothwell Oak Cottage Top Common East Runton.
Mrs. Jane Hodson Fernie House High Street East Runton.
Mr. Ray Spinks Norfolk Cottage, Felbrigg Road East Runton.
Mr. Steve Bacon Albert House High Street East Runton.
Mr. Kevin Jonas Tiddlers Cottage Mill Lane East Runton.
Mr. Chris Hawkins Shoemakers Cottage High St. East Runton.
Councillors may be contacted through the office.
The Parish Council website has links to the District Council and County Council
The local North Norfolk District Councillor is Mrs. S. Butikofer.
The Norfolk County Councillor is Mr. Mike Baker (Holt Division)
POLICE: Non emergency police number— 101 This is a free service.
The Clerk to the Council is: Mrs. Barbara Emery.
The Office is at: The Reading Room, Felbrigg Road, East Runton
Cromer NR27 9PE. Tel: 01263 512214. Email: runtonpc@aol.com

PARISH COUNCIL OFFICE open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
10am to 4pm with a lunch break from 1pm—2pm. The Clerk will normally be there to answer questions or help in any way connected with Parish business.
FUTURE PARISH COUNCIL MEETINGS: All held on Tuesdays at 7.15pm
Next meeting: 28th March The Reading Room East Runton
Future meetings: Annual Parish Meeting—West Runton Church Hall 25th April— Note: this meeting commences at the earlier time of 6.30 followed by an ordinary meeting of the Parish Council. 23rd May Reading Room East Runton.
27th June West Runton Church Hall.

HISTORY NEWS RUNTON compiled by B. Emery.

Some information and excerpts below were taken from a feature in the local newspaper 1963.

Runton Hill School was founded in 1911 by Miss Janet Vernon Harcourt. Runton Hill was a sister school to Benenden where Princess Anne was educated. Both are daughter schools of Wycombe Abbey at High Wycombe, which was in turn a daughter school of St. Leonards, St. Andrews Fife. The tradition of all these schools stems from the famous head mistress of St. Leonards, Miss Dove, who founded Wycombe Abbey.

In 1963 a new £30,000 building had been added to Runton Hill school premises and was named Harcourt House after it’s founder, Miss Harcourt.

Miss. Harcourt who was 84 in 1963, unveiled a commemorative stone lintel over the door of the new house with her initials carved into it, at the school’s speech day in June that year.

The addition of the third house was the final stage in major improvements during the previous few years, at the £390 a year school. An anonymous benefactor had donated £15,000 towards the appeal for £30,000. It allowed the number of pupils to be raised from 100 to 120. At the speech day in June 1963 it was announced by the Chairman of the school governors, Sir Ivison Macadam of Runton Old Hall, that the “school is to provide living accommodation for families to try to combat the shortage of teachers”. The new house was designed by Major W.F. Tuthill of Messrs. Tuthill, Burgoine & Hardy and the main contractors were H. Bullen & Son. Ltd., of Cromer.

The head mistress Miss Muriel Kilvert in her annual report referred to the school in the age of the “machine” and said that the school was embracing it. She said “It is now almost commonplace to go round the world in a capsule and the power of the machine is evident”. The school had a stereoscope, used a record player for language lessons and made great use of a tape recorder viewed on TV sets at friends’ homes so much so that it was planned to hire a set for the school next term and screen films.

“The girls are immensely machine minded and use hair-dryers, spin-dryers, a washing machine, their record players and tape recorders. “Even the telephone”! she reported. Miss Kilvert went on; “How splendid it would be if the routine instruction for the learning of facts could be passed to a machine and that rare commodity, the teacher, could be freed for the more advanced work”. “Let us not shun the machine. Let us harness it to our needs before we are harnessed to its vagaries”.

Katherine, Duchess of Kent, was a former pupil at Runton Hill. The School merged with Sutherland House School of Cromer in 1990. Sutherland House then closed permanently in 1995. Runton Hill became what is now The Kingswood Centre.

A display board for the History Society has been erected on The Hurn green.
There is now a regular display of old photographs of the village. More can be seen at The Reading Room East Runton and copies can be produced at a reasonable charge.

If you would like to join the History Society it costs £5.00 per annum, £8.00 percouple or family. Membership runs from January to January each year.
Please contact The Clerk
Facebook page Runton History.

Parish Council News

The path across East Runton Lower Common has been completed. It was arranged with Norfolk County Council Parish Partnership Bid. The project is 50% funded by Norfolk County Council. It is proving to be very helpful to residents who walk or use mobility aids to keep off the roadway on the bend.

The hedging alongside the allotment site in Mill Lane has been trimmed. At the end of the season it will be looked at again and advice taken regarding the trimming of the higher parts which could not be reached.

Work is being carried out at The Gap at East Runton to repair the roadway and replace the lamp standard on the promenade which was destroyed in the 2013 storm. The District Council are carrying out these repairs.

It is with sadness we note that the Methodist Church and indeed also the one at East Runton are closing. We don’t have any information as to the future for these buildings.

The Gap and toilets at West Runton are to be tidied/renovated. The repairs to the front after the storm damage will also be done in due course. Fossil hunters and people climbing on the cliff face are giving concern to authorities. These cliffs are now extremely soft and liable to slipping. There has been one tragedy along the coast, we don’t want there to be another. Digging into the cliffs makes them unstable and once they start moving there is a lot of tonnage to come down on anyone on them or under them.

The next phase of the lighting programme to change the existing photo cell bulbs to LED will take place within the next two months. This is costing approximately £1800.00 for six lamps. This type of lamp is more reliable. Meanwhile the Parish Clerk would be pleased to hear of any lamps which are not working. It’s better for one unlit lamp to be reported six times than for everyone to think someone else has reported it. This is often the case. Please do report any defect when you notice it. They can be repaired within five days unless a major part is required.
There have been more instances of dog fouling in the villages recently. Church Lane in East Runton (this lane runs alongside the Runton Old Hall wall to Incleborough Hill) has become a particular area where someone is regularly walking their dog and not clearing up after it.

Most dog walkers will say “That’s not me”, and in most cases it isn’t. But someone is making this pretty lane almost unwalkable. A notice has been put up and there is a waste bin close by. A graffiti “artist” was caught by a portable cctv camera some time ago. There is no reason why this method could not be used to expose careless dog walkers also.

North Norfolk District Council are rolling out a new way to inform Parish Councils of planning applications. As from 1st April we will not longer get paper plans or the documents that accompany them. A link will be sent to the Clerk and Councillors will be expected to peruse the plans online. Individual members of the public will be able to register on the NNDC website under “planning” to access plans. Runton Parish Council will do everything they can to make plans accessible to our residents as before. The full size paper version we understand will still be available to look at, at the NNDC offices in Cromer.

Please come along and support your local activities
If anyone would like their event advertised here please contact the Clerk see below.

EASTER ART EXHIBITION - East Runton Village Hall on 14th, 15th and 16th April, 10am to 5pm. Admission is free.
AGE WISE - a FREE event promoting Living Well and Maintaining
Independence. Free tea/coffee and cake per person at the ACT Centre on
St. Michael’s Avenue Aylsham NR11 6YA.
Saturday April 29th 10am to 12 noon. Admission free—refreshments.
Saturday April 8th—Hot Cross Buns 10am to 12 noon.
Two for your diary June 3rd—Springtime. 10am to 12 noon and August 12th—Summertime 10am to 12 noon.
During Lent there will be services on Wednesdays at 9.30am starting on 8th March until 5th April at St. Andrews.
Fridays from 3rd March to 7th April inclusive £2.50 12 noon to 1.15pm
Offers of home made soup would be gratefully received. Contact 01263 838121.

Events may be advertised here free, but the Parish Council needs your information. Can be sent by email or post to the Clerk or a Councillor.

FISH AND CHIP VAN calls at The Hurn West Runton Weds 5.15pm.Fridays 11.30-12.45
and at East Runton Half Year Close Wednesday 5:30pm, Buxton Close 6pm

CROMER LIBRARY www.norfolk.gov.uk/libraries 01263 512850 Open Mon to Sat.
East Runton: 14:20—14:30 HALF YEAR CLOSE
14:35—14:50 BUXTON CLOSE
14:55—15.10 ST ANDREWS

West Runton: 12.45—13.00 RENWICK PARK
15.15—15:25 GOLF CLOSE
15:30—15:50 CHURCH CLOSE
15:55—16.10 CHURCH HALL

Next visits: 30 Mar, 27 Apr, 25 May, 22 Jun, 20 July. Not bank holidays.
The above information is subject to change by the Norfolk County Council library service.

The Clerk would be pleased to receive information for the next publication.

Any forthcoming events or any reports of organisations. By 20th May please. Your comments on this publication would be welcomed. All information to the Clerk-Contact details are on page one. Follow us on Twitter @runtonparish

 Views expressed are not necessarily the views of the editor or the Parish Council members.

Produced by Barbara Emery (Clerk)

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