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Date: December 2018 Issue 30 Published Quarterly

PARISH COUNCIL INFORMATION—Councillor details are as follows.
West Runton Ward:
Chairman Mr. John Simpson. Wood Rising, Sandy Lane West Runton
Mr. Bruce Bedwell The Dreys ,Longacre, West Runton.
Mr. Richard. Annis Dawley Cottage ,Boulevard Road West Runton.
Mr. John Creasey Bransbury ,Rosebery Road West Runton.
Mr. David. Bakewell Woodlands, Renwick Park West Runton.
Mr. M. Brandish Calveswell Barn, Calveswell Lane West Runton
East Runton Ward:
Vice-Chairman Mr. Brian Cushion Meadowsett , Top Common East Runton.
Mrs. Jane Hodson Fernie House ,High Street East Runton.
Mr. P. Nichols Roundabouts House ,Greens Lane East Runton
Mr. Steve Bacon Albert House , High Street East Runton.
Mr. Kevin Jonas Tiddlers Cottage, Mill Lane East Runton.
Mr. Chris Hawkins Shoemakers Cottage, High St. East Runton.

Councillors may be contacted through the office.

The Parish Council website has links to the District Council and County Council
The local North Norfolk District Councillor is Mrs. S. Butikofer.
The Norfolk County Councillor is Mrs. S. Butikofer

POLICE: Non emergency police number— 101 This is a free service.

The Clerk to the Council is: Mrs. Barbara Emery.
The Office is at: The Reading Room, Felbrigg Road, East Runton
Cromer NR27 9PE. Tel: 01263 512214. Email: runtonpc@aol.com

PARISH COUNCIL OFFICE open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
10am to 4pm with a lunch break from 1pm—2pm. The Clerk will normally be there to answer questions or help in any way connected with Parish business.

HISTORY NEWS RUNTON compiled by B. Emery.

Christmas at War.
We have all just been listening, watching and attending various ceremonies and commemorative events. We have lit beacons and worn poppies, waved flags, played the last post and sung hymns. It has been humbling to hear stories and to read memories of the wars down the years from the Great War onwards. It is obvious, that in spite of some concerns, those who gave their lives for their country will never be forgotten. We will always remember them.

Thoughts are now turning to Christmas. Now we are concerned with sending cards and what to buy our friends and family.

Grandmothers will be telling their grandchildren “In my day, we had an apple and an orange and a new pair of socks and thought we were lucky”. The recipient of these eloquently given memories will roll their eyes. I wonder what they will tell their grandchildren about Christmas.

So just spare a thought for what it could have been like for the armed forces in the trenches of WW1.

The Christmas Truce of 1914 is often celebrated as a symbolic moment of peace in an otherwise devastatingly violent war. We may like to believe that for just one day, all across the front, men from both sides emerged from the trenches and met in No Man's Land to exchange gifts and play football. This did happen in some places no doubt. Indeed there are photographs to prove it, posted in many news articles of the day. There were unofficial ceasefires at first, but the following year less were known and by Christmas 1916 a ban on ceasefires at Christmas was in force as the war took a more bitter turn.

Late on Christmas Eve 1914, on the western front, men of the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) heard German troops in the trenches opposite them singing carols and patriotic songs and saw lanterns and small fir trees along their trenches—this is documented.

Elsewhere the fighting continued and casualties did occur even on Christmas day. Future nature writer Henry Williamson, then a nineteen-year-old private in the
London Rifle Brigade, wrote to his mother on Boxing Day:

Dear Mother, I am writing from the trenches. It is 11 o'clock in the morning. Beside me is a coke fire, opposite me a 'dug-out' (wet) with straw in it. The ground is sloppy in the actual trench, but frozen elsewhere. In my mouth is a pipe presented by the Princess Mary. In the pipe is tobacco. Of course, you say. But wait. In the pipe is German tobacco. Haha, you say, from a prisoner or found in a captured trench? Oh dear, no! From a German soldier. Yes a live German soldier from his own trench. Yesterday the British & Germans met & shook hands in the Ground between the trenches, & exchanged souvenirs, & shook hands. Yes, all day Xmas day, & as I write. Marvellous, isn't it?

It is quite moving to read what this boy constitutes as “marvellous” and the pleasure derived from these gestures.

The Princess Mary referred to had organised, in 1914, for all men to receive a Christmas box. It would contain, tobacco or cigarettes etc., plus sweets or similar.

The volunteers in the armed forces thought the war would be over quickly and were probably quite upbeat in 1914. Little did they know that it would be almost four more Christmases before they would be going home if ever.

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North Norfolk District Council Local Plan
The District Council is currently preparing its Local Plan relating to it’s development proposals, to run until 2036. Overall, it is anticipated that up to 10,000 new dwellings will need to be built in that period, with the new plan required to identify up to 4,500 dwellings not previously included.

North Walsham, Fakenham and Cromer will have the largest numbers and the
Cromer proposals include land to the south of the town and to the west in Runton
parish, hence this article.

The proposals for Runton for 50+ dwellings are in two categories, Preferred and Alternative sites. The Preferred Housing / Mixed Site Use identifies currently unused land on the Cromer boundary to the west of Clifton Park, possibly including an Infant School. This extends north of the railway to the tarmac of Mill Lane.

the Alternative sites are a small area to the north of Mill Lane immediately beyond the houses there, and a more substantial area from the railway to the Holt Road west of the present housing and light industry at Middlebrook Way, and the light industry at Stonehill Way.

There will be an official launch of these proposals in February 2019 when a 6 week consultation period will be provided.

Playing Field East Runton
There are plans to clear some of the vegetation from around the edges of the field and re-establish the boundary and fence. Although there is no longer a team for Runton. there are youth teams playing there now and the car boot sales are continuing in the summer months.

Car Park West Runton
Hopefully the car park can be improved over the winter and overnight parking by camper vans will be discouraged by way of signage.

Traffic and parking West Runton
Negotiations are going ahead with two proposed traffic orders. One concerns the parking times in the village and the other is directed at hopefully controlling heavyweight vehicles using Sandy Lane. There are many problems with buses and large lorries causing problems with caravans all using Sandy Lane. Traffic orders however, we are told, can cost in the region of as much as ten thousand pounds especially where residents may have to be consulted. Initially though, moves are afoot to monitor the weight of vehicles in Sandy Lane. The Parish Council have been asked to help with the cost of the TROs and the monitoring although they believe that it should be the County Highways responsibility.

The bank balance of the Parish Council stands at £188,386.00. Some of this is in a deposit account and investments will be considered in due course. The budget proposals have been looked at during the recent Parish Council meeting. The precept will be reported in the minutes and there will be no increase. It is being kept at £15,000.00. There are various projects for the villages to be considered over the next year. Some new street lamps may be needed, there will be the playing field work, the car park and some work on allotments is all in the mix. The loan obtained for the refurbishment has been paid off using some of the money from the sale of the land at East Runton.

Any decisions regarding the financial position of the Parish Council will be on hold until the new Council has taken office after the elections on 2nd May 2019. There will be information about these elections in the March edition of this newsletter.

Fraud and Cyber Crime
This type of crime has come to the fore again recently. It can be worrying when a phone call is received to say that your bank account has been tampered with, or your internet is being terminated. These people are very convincing either by phone or email. They can make an email look exactly if it’s from your bank. Sometimes they address you by your email address which makes it look personal. If a company contact you they will always use your name. Sometimes on the phone they claim to be the police or your internet provider. They then ask you for details to rectify the “problem”. However neither your bank or the police or your internet provider will ever contact you for any personal information. If you receive any of these communications, simply hang up and then contact your bank or internet provider to find out what, if anything, is the problem. You can then report the incident to the police dialling 101 or to ActionFraud on:
0300 123 2040 or actionfraud.police.uk ActionFraud can also be contacted about a suspicious call, letter, text or email.

Whats On

West Runton Village Inn: Quiz - 1st Saturday of the month 9pm

West Runton Social Club: - Quiz Night Sundays at 8pm
Tuesdays - 9pm Open Mic-night
Wednesdays - 8.30pm - Bingo

East Runton St. Andrews Church - Sunday 16th December Christmas Carol Service at 3pm.
West Runton Holy Trinity Church—Carol Service 19th December 7.00pm

FUTURE PARISH COUNCIL MEETINGS: All held on Tuesdays at 7.15pm
Next meeting: 18-Dec-2018 WR Church Hall Future meetings 22-Jan 2019 East Runton Reading Room. 26-Feb2019 WR Church Hall


CROMER LIBRARY www.norfolk.gov.uk/libraries 01263 512850 Open Mon to Sat.
Tel: for information on this service 01692 402482 quoting the route number above.
East Runton 14:35—14:45 BUXTON CLOSE
14:50—15.05 ST ANDREWS

West Runton: 12.55—13.10 RENWICK PARK
15.10—15:20 GOLF CLOSE
15:25—15:45 CHURCH CLOSE
15:50—16.05 CHURCH HALL
16:10—16.25 STATION CLOSE

Next visits: 3 Jan 2019, 31st Jan, 28 Feb,28 Mar. Not bank holidays.
The above information is subject to change by the Norfolk County Council library service

FISH AND CHIP VAN sadly has now been retired. It has served the community for many years and will be much missed by many. They are wished a happy retirement.

Produced by Barbara Emery (Clerk)
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