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When a similar report was written a year ago most activities were on hold or aborted. Thus the “open” Annual Parish meeting in April 2020 was cancelled as was the Annual Parish Council Meeting. At that time it was hoped that things would return to “normal” fairly soon. It was not to be, and we find ourselves in a somewhat similar situation in 2021, although there seems to be a prospect of real change from mid June 2021.

Thus such gatherings of the Parish Council as have been possible have taken place via “zoom” a challenge for many of us, and a poor substitute for face to face meetings. Inevitably therefore public participation has been greatly restricted. The conventions regarding social distancing and the “rule of six” continue to make formal indoor meetings impossible. Hence the Council’s reluctant decision to hold the Annual Parish Meeting, and Annual Parish Council Meeting on the same evening in May. This facilitates legal obligations to be met under current guidelines.

During the year one Parish Councillor, Rick Taylor , who was well known for his work with the East Runton Village Hall, resigned. Ms. Theresa Edwards was co-opted to fill the resulting vacancy.

Car parking continued to be a concern in both villages but a long awaited change to the parking restrictions in West Runton was most welcome. The future of the car park in that village, which is owned by the Social Club, but has been leased for the past fifteen years by the Parish Council has been the subject of much discussion. The lease expired on 1 May 2021 and negotiations for its potential renewal have been protracted; but it did not prove to be possible to arrive at an acceptable rental, compatible with an independent valuation. We understand that the Social Club will continue car park usage in a way “that will make best use of the land for the benefit of the Social Club”.  We very much regret the loss of this free village amenity which was available to all including visitors. This was especially important during the “Tourist Season”.

The machinations of the planning process have not been helped by the changes brought about by Covid, everything takes longer!

Unfortunately what would once have been regarded as “routine maintenance” of the highways and evirons has been sporadic. Pothole repairs, gulley emptying, pavement clearance et al are continually neglected despite persistent reporting, leading to unnecessary flooding and damage. In the end the deterioration of the infrastructure, particularly, in a tourist area, will result in our villages becoming less attractive. The Parish Council will continue to press for significant improvement.

The heavy rains over the winter did much to recharge the depleted aquifers so that all our ponds are better fed. Some ditch clearance has already taken place and more is scheduled for the autumn when wildlife is least likely to be disturbed.

As always there has been a marked difference in the use and care of the allotments. It is important that allotment tenants recognise the long term consequences of some of their plantings. Removal of bamboo is expensive and disruptive! The Horticultural Show planned for last year was cancelled.  However the event for 2021 may still take place. A good consequence of the events of the last year or so has been the increased use of the allotments and a general improvement in their upkeep.

Several Parish Councillors have continued to act as representatives on other bodies. The Village Hall Committee, The Playing Field Committee, The Runton Parish History Society, The Ploughlet Charity, The Safer Neighbourhood Action Panel, The Allotments Advisory Group, The Planning Advisory Group, and other organisations in and of the Parish. Their contribution is considerable and in many cases maintains the viability of the body.

The many volunteers continued with their efforts throughout the pandemic with activities ranging from litter picking, bus shelter cleaning, pond maintenance, water leak repairing delivering the newsletters and nature conservation, all helping to keep our villages special; we are most grateful for their contributions.

I would like to thank all the Councillors for their help during this exceptionally challenging year; but especially Barbara our Parish Clerk who in addition to her usual duties became a very competent zoom host.





2019-20 2020-21   2020-21 2019-20






1,630.16 724.50 Commons Works 9,713.79 17,128.31
    Lighting, Power / Maintenance 1,325.60 6,651.57
    Footpaths 1,170.00 750.00
1,834.00 1,916.00 Allotments 1,697.49 1,850.42
    Salaries / PAYE / NIC 14,729.77 14,064.96
397.00 10,000.00 Grants/Donations 960.00 1,060.00
    Insurance 1,031.62 943.87
3,000.00 3,000.00 Mast Site  -  Playing Field costs 100.00 3,964.82
    General Purpose Fund 8,439.05 8,463.76
9,593.11   VAT 1,535.02 5,024.53
29,500.00 30,000.00 Caravan Site Rent.    
15,000.00 15,300.00 Precept    
427.92 128.34 Interest    
    Property and Land fees--Car park rent 2,096.00


100.00 100.00 Wayleave    
    Sub Totals    
    Land Sale    
61,482.19 61,168.84 Totals 44,198.34 61,640.74

Notes: Grants income includes precept grant from NNDC granted in order to keep the precept lower. There is no guarantee for this grant in future.
Playing field costs are increased as major work has been done to re-establish the boundary and fence it.  The VAT refund is sometimes not the same as the account as it is not always paid back until the following year accounts.


Parish Clerk: Barbara Emery.
The Reading Room, Felbrigg Rd, East Runton, Cromer NR27 9PE
Telephone 01263 512214
Office open Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 10.30am-1pm and 2pm-3.30pm
Email: runtonpc@aol.com Website: www.runtoneastandwest.co.uk


Mr. J. Simpson (Chairman)
Mr. R. Annis
Mr. J. Creasey
Mr. D. Bakewell
Mr. B. Bedwell

Ms. C. Davidson


Mr. K. Jonas.
Mr. P. Nichols
Mr. B. Cushion Vice Chairman
Mr. S. Gurney

Ms. T.Edwards
Mr. G. Baker
Councillors may be contacted through the Clerk at the office number or email above.