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Date: December 2021 Issue 39 Published Quarterly

PARISH COUNCIL INFORMATION—Councillor details are as follows.
West Runton Ward:
Chairman Mr. John Simpson. Wood Rising Sandy Lane West Runton
Mr. Bruce Bedwell The Dreys Longacre, West Runton.
Mr. Richard. Annis Dawley Cottage Boulevard Road West Runton.
Mr. David. Bakewell Woodlands Renwick Park West Runton.
Ms. Carole Davidson Widgeons Home Close West Runton
East Runton Ward:
Vice-Chairman Mr. Brian Cushion Meadowsett Top Common East Runton.
Mr. Phil Nichols Roundabouts House Greens Lane East Runton
Ms. T. Edwards 2, Victoria Terrace, High St. East Runton
Mr. Kevin Jonas Tiddlers Cottage Mill Lane East Runton.
Mr. Stephen Gurney The Paddock, East Runton
Mr. Gerry Baker 3, The Paddock East Runton
Councillors may be contacted through the office.
The Parish Council website has links to the District Council and County Council
The local North Norfolk District Councillor is Mrs. S. Butikofer.
The Norfolk County Councillor is Mr. E. Vardy.
POLICE: Non emergency police number— 101 This is a free service.
The Clerk to the Council is: Mrs. Barbara Emery.
The Office is at: The Reading Room, Felbrigg Road, East Runton
Cromer NR27 9PE. Tel: 01263 512214. or mobile 07422 665978
Email: runtonpc@aol.com

PARISH COUNCIL OFFICE open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
10.30am to 3.30pm with a lunch break from 1pm—2pm. The Clerk will
normally be there to help in any way connected with Parish business.
FUTURE PARISH COUNCIL MEETINGS: Dec 14th ER Village Hall—Jan 25th 2022 WR Church Hall.7:15 PM start. All are welcome.
Your Clerk and Councillors wish you an Enjoyable Christmas,
With Good Health and Peace in the New Year.

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History of two buildings in Runton. Compiled and narrated by Barbara Emery.
WEST RUNTON CHURCH whose tower is traced back to 13th century when the Magna Carta was signed limiting the powers of the monarchy. Then after King John, Henry the 3rd was King, until his son Edward 1st took the throne in 1272.
Amazing that these buildings stand the test of time and wars although restorations in some form or another do take place from time to time. Repairs to churches are always an expensive job.
In 1969 a fall of masonery which crashed down around the porch, luckily with no one there at the time was to cost £3000.00. Fifty two years on, one can only speculate at today’s cost. I was married in the church at the time of the repairs; the concrete mixer was moved out of sight and as the organ was out of commission, the organist was forced to play my choice of music, namely “The Trumpet Voluntary” on the piano! I’m sure the musicians among you will be amused by that; he wasn’t. Princess Diana also walked down the aisle to that piece of music. It sounded somewhat different to mine.
RUNTON HOUSE was built on the site of a somewhat large “cottage” belonging to the Rector of Beeston Regis which was actually the Rectory, but the rector lived at Beeston Regis Hall and did not need it. It was leased by a children’s author, Favell Lee Mortimer, in 1862. She had been introduced in 1848 to a Lieutenant Lethbridge Moore who had been orphaned age eleven. She then adopted him as her son. Lethbridge went to Cambridge university and became ordained as a minister and was given a living in Sheringham. This was Favell’s reason for moving to West Runton. Favell Mortimer was an author and teacher of children. Having eventually bought it, she named the house “The Rivulet” for the stream which ran through the grounds. She had brought with her a Mary Oakes who was a disabled widow and who was looking after a number of orphans. Mary and the orphans moved into a cottage opposite the “Rivulet” and the 1871 census for West Runton lists Mary Oakes as a “Matron of an Orphan Asylum”. A number of animals resided with them too. Favell Lee Mortimer had a donkey chaise, which was a small cart. On one occasion, believing the sea water would benefit the donkey’s legs, she drove the donkey and cart to the beach with a number of children. Blindfolding the donkey with a scarf so that it wasn’t afraid of the waves, she got the older children to lead it into the water. Unfortunately she did not unhitch the cart. A larger than usual wave, surprised the children and they dropped the rein. The unfortunate donkey having the cart behind just ploughed forward into the deeper water. Luckily some fishermen hearing the children screaming, came quickly and pulled the donkey out onto the shore. Favell Lee Mortimer died in 1878 and her funeral was held at Sheringham. It was her adopted son Lethbridge Moore, who commissioned a famous Victorian architect, Temple Moore, his nephew, to re-design and re- build The Rivulet/Runton House. He was a late gothic revival architect, which may explain the eighteenth century style chimneys of the building. There was a Mary Pigott living with her family at the house which was still called The Rivulet in 1891. The re-building was completed by a Victorian builder John Thompson in 1893 at a cost of over £4,500. The Moore family lived at the house after the re-build and when Mrs. Moore died her daughters kept it until they sold it in 1921. They had run it as a hotel and this continued after the sale. The Abbs family had ownership but it is not known if it was they who obtained it in 1921. Certainly Mrs. Grace Abbs lived there for many years.
Runton House has since been converted into flats. No trace of the Rivulet itself, remains.
Thanks to John Creasey for his assistance with the history of Runton House.
They probably acquired it to support their Hotel, The Links in Sandy Lane. It was sold again when Mrs. Grace Abbs died whom some people will remember. It is now six flats.

Parish Council News

The Parish Council would like to extend Grateful thanks to all our distributors. This is a very much appreciated effort by you all.
Councillor John Creasey has retired from Runton Parish Council. Council members heartily thank him for his tireless work on behalf of the Runton villages, not least his fount of information regarding the history of the Parish., which has helped in many
decisions. We wish him well in his retirement and hope he will keep in touch with us.
Runton Parish Council are intending to organise an event for the Jubilee and the lighting of a beacon, the head of which is a globe to represent the countries of the Commonwealth. This will take place on June 2nd culminating in the lighting of the beacon at 9:15pm to coincide with other events and beacon lighting. More details will emerge in the New Year and in the next newsletter in March.
Just a reminder that if you haven’t paid your allotment rent, it is now well overdue. Thanks to those who paid promptly. Work will continue to ensure plots are used well.
PF/21/0694 Amended proposal for nine holiday lodges for Links Hotel West Runton.
There was considerable objections to the above proposal from many sources. The Parish Council had objected citing the many planning policies it is in contravention of.
Once a year the parish Council receives a traffic report based upon data collected by the five flashing speed signs coming into East and West Runton from five locations.
Readings have been taken at each location over two (approximately) 30 day periods, ranging from October 2020 to August 2021. The average speed in each of those periods is shown.
The table below gives a summary of the information with the location of the signs in the left hand column.
*The maximum speed is the highest of the two maximum speeds over the two reading periods. *The 85th percentile speed is a speed at which 85% of traffic was travelling at or below. The details were sent to the police, but so far there has been no response from them.

Runtons Traffic Survey Results

RUNTON VILLAGES have thriving shops and pubs. Both have food stores which carry a wide variety of goods including your daily newspapers. There is a post office in West Runton, a butcher in East Runton. A new patisserie has opened in East Runton near the bus stop and there is now a Thai food takeaway at West Runton. It may be worth, in the run up to Chrismas to visit your local village shops rather than struggling on buses to the larger towns. A good parade of shops near the bus stop in West Runton and shops on hand near bus stops in East Runton would welcome you with friendly service. All with coffee and cake nearby!
St. Andrews East Runton December 12th at 3PM
Holy Trinity West Runton.:
At the Church Hall 11th December; a Pre-Christmas Get Together. Coffee/mince pies in the morning with stalls selling Christmas Fare and light lunches served.
At Holy Trinity Church: Village Carol Service 21st December 7:00PM
Cromer Baptist Church held at the old Methodist Church East Runton. They have their Oasis Friendship Group on alternate Thursdays at 2:30pm.
History Coffee Mornings at the Reading Room will continue in January 2022 with the first one of the New Year on Thursday 6th January 10:30am.

Cromer Library opening times:
Monday: 10am-6pm. Tuesday: 10am-2pm. Wednesday: Closed.
Thursday: 10am-2pm.
Friday: 10am-6pm Saturday 9am-1pm Sunday: Closed

The Mobile Library has limited areas but at the moment the following are in place.
There are no visits to nursing/care homes until further notice.
Visits are every four weeks on Thursdays. Next visits 7th October, 4th November,
2nd December. Covid prevention measures are in place. Sanitizers provided and numbers limited to three at a time or one family. Don’t forget your library card.

Village Arrival Departure Place
East Runton 14.30 14.45 Buxton Close
East Runton 14.50 15.05 St Andrews
West Runton 14.10 14.25 Renwick Park
West Runton 15.10 15.20 Golf Close
West Runton 15.25 15.45 Church Close
West Runton 15.50 16.05 Station Close

The above are correct at the time of printing. To check— search, Norfolk County Council Mobile Libraries.

This year the Corner House Café and Hotel at West Runton have kindly donated a
Christmas tree for The Hurn. The Parish Council thank them and will fund any
necessary works and it is hoped that this will become a tradition for many years.
New posts around The Hurn are being put in place. They are made in recycled
material and will have chains instead of rails, which will make them more pleasing to look at and be much safer.

Produced by Barbara Emery (Clerk)
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