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East and West Runton

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Parish Council Information      

The villages of East and West Runton are combined for local government purposes into two electoral wards, each represented by six Parish Councillors; the current Members names are listed below. Meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of each month with the exception of December, which is on the third Tuesday, and in August there is no meeting. The venues alternate between the Reading Room at East Runton and the Church Hall at West Runton . The Annual Parish Meeting also alternates between the villages.

The Parish Council office and information centre is to be found at:

The Reading Room, Felbrigg Road, East Runton, Cromer,

Norfolk NR27 9PE.  Tel: 01263 512214


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The current Members of the Parish Council are:

East Ward

Vice Chairman. Mr. B. Cushion, Meadowsett, Top Common East Runton.

Mr K S Jonas. Tiddlers Cottage Mill Lane East Runton.
Mr S A Bacon. Albert House, High Street, East Runton.
Mrs J Hodson. Fernie House, High Street, East Runton.
Mr P. Nichols, Roundabouts House Greens Lane East Runton.
Mr. C. Hawkins, Shoemakers Cottage East Runton.


West Ward

Chairman - Mr J A Simpson. Woodrising, Sandy Lane, West Runton.

Mr. M. Brandish
Mr. R. Annis. Dawley Cottage Boulevard Road West Runton.
Mr J Creasey. Bransbury, Rosebery Road, West Runton.
Mr D Bakewell. Woodlands Renwick Park West Runton.

Mr. Bruce Bedwell.  The Dreys, Longacre Shawcross Road, West Runton.


Parish Clerk: Mrs Barbara Emery is the Parish Clerk.

Contact details.

Telephone: Office 01263 512214  Email: runtonpc@aol.com

Office hours are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10am-1pm and 2pm-4pm

The Meetings scheduled for 2018 are as follows:

West Runton Church Hall East Runton Reading Room
23rd January 27th February

27th March

24th April + Annual Parish Meeting 6:30pm will be held at East Runton Village Hall
22nd May Annual Parish Council Meeting. 26th June
24th July 25th September
23rd October 27th November
18th December        First meeting 2019 January 22nd

Each meeting commences at 7.15 pm unless otherwise notified and the agenda is displayed on the Parish Notice Boards and on this website. Members of the public are most welcome, there is an open session at the start of the meeting when any member of the parish can address the meeting. Some Councillors are available from 7pm for any individual questions or comments on a one to one basis. (Councillor Surgery)

District / County Councillors and Member of Parliament.

The District Councillor for Runton is Ms. S. Butikofer;
Our Norfolk County Councillor is Ms. S. Butikofer as above.
The local Member of Parliament is Mr Norman Lamb whose constituent office is at 15 Market Place, North Walsham, Norfolk. NR28 8BP. Tel No: 01692 403752

Representative Councillors on Village Committees are:

Playing Field Management:: Mr B. Cushion.
Village Hall Committee: Mrs J Hodson
The Ploughlet Charity: Mrs J Hodson.and Mr. J. Simpson
Runton Parish History Society: Mr J Creasey, The Clerk Mrs. B. Emery

Allotments Advisory committee - Mr. D. Bakewell,  Mr. C. Hawkins, Mr. R. Annis.

Footway lighting - provided and  maintained by contract. Dog waste bins, grit bins and rubbish bins - provided and maintained. Memorial benches - maintained.  Notice boards - provided and maintained.  Bus shelters at Wyndham Park, East Runton and West Runton - provided and maintained. Local footpaths and commons - maintained by grass and vegetation cutting.   Allotments - provided and maintained.


There is a defibrillator situated at the Spar shop on Cromer road in West Runton. There are a number of people who have trained how to use it. Including the Clerk to the Parish Council.

There is also one situated at East Runton on the wall of Number 9,  in the High Street.(opposite Sammy's)

The above is now housed in a purpose built box on the wall outside the former shop.  There has been a training session to show people how to use this box and the defibrillator.



Barbara Emery, the Clerk to the above Parish Council has undertaken training and obtained a pass for another module; an addition to the CiLCA qualification.  "The Power of Competence" which will allow the Parish Council wider powers in spending. 

METHODIST CHURCHES - both East and West Runton Methodist Churches are now closed permanently.  At East Runton Church there are two boards depicting the names of soldiers who served in both wars.  These boards will be re-housed at The Reading Room to preserve them if and when the building is no longer in use.  The East Runton Methodist church building is now being used by Cromer Baptist Church as their building in Cromer is in a poor condition and now unfit for use.

Speed Awareness Mobile Signs (SAMS)

One of these signs will be used in East and West Runton.  They are moved to a different location each month and are designed to slow down the traffic in high volume areas.  They record data to show how effective they are.  There are locations at either end of West and East Runton and one on Sandy Lane at the junction of Shawcross Rd. West Runton.


Street Lighting

It has been decided to replace all the street lamps with led lanterns over a period of five years with six per year being fitted.  The first six have been replaced and are in the Top Common area with one at the top end of Broomhill.  This is at a cost of 1650.00 initially.  The next six four of which are in East Runton as they are obsolete and two are in West Runton.  These have now been fitted at a cost of 1850.00.  Twelve lamps have now been replaced.

Seating in the Parish and Village Signs

There are a number of seats in the parish which are maintained by the Parish Council.  In 2015 they have been inspected and repaired when necessary and re-stained or painted if required.  One or two are oak and therefore are not stained but left natural.

Reading Room

This building owned by the Parish Council has been re-furbished and an office included for the Parish Council.  The former Billiard Room now has tea and coffee making facilities and meetings for East Runton ward are now held there.  See calendar for dates.  Also coffee mornings on the first Thursday of each month, by Runton History Group.



Work is continuing with the commons conservation work.  The borehole At West Runton is still being monitored and there is a slight trickle to the pond since it has been switched off.  However it is not enough to sustain levels during dry periods. The pond at Lower Common East Runton originally was fed by an open ditch.  This can be seen in some of our old photographs.  The ditch was eventually covered and the pond was fed by an overflow from the Top Common pond.  Sometime in the eighties this piped feed was diverted into the main surface water drainage system.  Ponds have been surveyed by conservationists and the East Runton Lower Common pond although dry is full of wildlife and will hold water naturally as a seasonal pond, having had the substrate compacted and vegetation will be controlled.  Habitats of wild bees, frogs, toads and various insects and plants are found in this pond.



Owing partly to poor response and cuts the surgeries will not be taking place for the foreseeable future.  We no longer have a representative attending Parish Council meetings.


Playing Field

There are proposals to re-establish the boundary of the field, clear the vegetation around the edges and erect a new fence between the field and the adjacent caravan site. The Pavilion is to be upgraded to provide hot water and heating.



Monitoring is continuing and for untidy plots, tenancies will be considered for termination.  

A field near the Moyes Close allotment site has been sold.  This will not affect the plots which are used on this site as it has been separated from the allotments.  The field was previously unused and had laid fallow being only a drain on the finances of the Parish Council.  . 


Planning considered at recent meetings.

Planning can be found on the minutes page in detail for the last meeting.
Finance at recent meetings.

Income and invoices with bank balance can be found in detail in the minutes for meetings.  See minute page.

RUNTON PARISH HISTORY SOCIETY:    There is now a much larger display of our photographs and "The Runtonian" (a magazine produced by the school in 1924) at The parish office The Reading Room East Runton.

The book "The Runtons Past and Present" is available and features old photographs alongside the new ones of the same views as near as possible with narration on each picture.  Priced 6.99 it is available at good book shops.  No longer available locally.